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May the colors be bright

Spring is here! Though the consequences of global warming have made our seasons a little confusing, the calendar says it's spring and so I am ready for some bright colors... yellow for the sun up above and green for nature's rebirth! So keep an eye out for the sunny days and let's celebrate!

I really do love a bright pop of color in home decor, it just makes me smile and that's more than enough. (Though strangely I favor white, beige, jean and grey for my personal wardrobe, my home is definitely multicolored.)

On the other hand, if you are a little afraid of color then yellow is the perfect place to start. Yellow is definitely the happiest color out there, and it's incredibly easy to pair in any room, it's basically a neutral!

Finding this pair of vintage Barrel Back Club armchairs in the corner of a very crowded antique mall was a stroke of very, very good luck! And a challenge I was ready to take on. But honestly I was most attracted to how comfortable they looked and felt, and I definitely wanted to keep that feeling alive.

As you probably already know, I am partial to the clean lines of mid century modern furniture, so it's always an extra fun challenge to take a very 1960's design - complete with bright orange all over fabric and excessive tufting - and bring it into the Twenty First century with a clean more modern feel.

I already had the most prefect animal prints in mind for both of these beauties, but I'll confess that keeping the skirt did give me pause... I thought of having fun with a fringe instead, or removing it completely, but in the end I'm super in love with how clean the pleat of that skirt is and I think it looks absolutely perfect!

You know I can't end this post without talking about the animal prints, right? I love to see a happy family of badgers or a school of fish swimming along the back of a chair - animal prints always come in a repeat, so your little creatures are never lonely - and it tells a story. Pick a story, any story, it doesn't matter as long as it makes you happy.

The fluorescent green badgers are of course from Japan, and I am forever grateful for the kooky prints I find during my travels to the Tokyo fabric district.

The yellow fish a fabric I stumbled upon in the valley. It a sat in a corner of my creation workshop unused for a very long time, I just could not find the perfect match until now!

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