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Chewing up the scenery

You may have figured this out by now, but let me be clear about this... yes I love to travel!

I have done my fair share of flights around the world, but a good California road trip is always on my favorites list.

So it was perfectly natural that I would take one of my favorite chairs out for a little road trip to Joshua Tree park, and do a fun photo shoot with the most glorious natural lighting!

The Jocasta chair has such impeccable lines, a work of art with purpose. The Jocasta's soft wood and delicate caning are made for design lovers, even beyond mid-century modern enthusiasts.

But don't let these pretty photos distract you, it's also an incredibly comfortable chair!! Because that's the point, isn't it? It has to be comfortable.

Seeing a chair left alone on a deserted road really does accentuate the beauty of the object, but it also reminds us that the object needs a person to be whole... what is a chair if no one is sitting on it?

There is something haunting and creepy about indoor furniture being placed in the rough outdoors, but I also think it's incredibly poetic - plus again, road trips are the best! Joshua Tree park is just a few hours from LA, and an easy day trip for hiking and feeling at one with nature.

My little Egyptian stools also came along for the ride, illustrating how easy they are to grab under your arm and unfold anytime you want to have a seat and admire the scenery... even when you are in the middle of a Cholla cactus garden!

I'm keeping one of these babies in the back of my car for impromptu sunsets and ocean gazing.

I mean come on, doesn't this yellow glitter suede just look amazing in the warm desert sun!

So that's it folks, the Jocasta road trip! There will definitely be more photo trips, with newer chairs to follow, so stay tuned.

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