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Walk like an Egyptian

I love my little Egyptian stools so much it makes me want to do a little jig!! But I'm a terrible dancer so the next best thing is to show them off with a fun photo shoot. I took a few of my favorite new stools on a real life Hollywood studio tour and let them play star for the day... though they did have to share the spotlight with my conveniently photogenic friend Charlie!

We carried my little stools all around this Hollywood studio lot, feeling very glamorous as we strolled and stopped for photos. The stools are super lightweight and fit perfectly over your shoulder - Charlie does that very well, having broad manly shoulders does help!

The Egyptian stool is compact and easy to store away, or carry around, then you can bring them all out so your friends have a comfy seat for that weekly game night, or backyard barbecue. You can also use them as little side tables with the easy addition of a tray, and they are the perfect size for a fancy luggage rack. Multipurpose is the name of the game here.

The stools were all born and raised in Los Angeles, but we found a sunny little NY stoop movie set and it felt like the perfect backdrop to show how impossibly cool and laid back these stools really are. Don't you agree?

And that's a wrap folks, now head over to the shop and get yourself one of these cool stools, soon to be the toast of Tinsel town!

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