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A visit to Bollywood Dan's new home

I really didn't mean to, but somehow a strange pattern has emerged where I offer to help decorate/style the home where my chair pieces get adopted into. I think it has to do with not being able to let go... or something.

Lucky for me I have had some fun opportunities, such as this sweet little place in Atwater Village, the new home of Bollywood Dan!

When Beth first fell in love with "Bollywood Dan" - the Ma Chaise Design Kantha covered vintage love seat - that became the obvious foundation for a warm toned, spicy living room. Thankfully Beth was also ready to make this house a real home and populate it with lots of new pieces that she would really love!

These custom mustard colored linen curtains were the second major color decision Beth made. The luxurious warm yellow perfectly complemented the spicy loveseat, and matched well with her existing natural fiber rug.

The bold yellow became a color statement around which everything else just floats beautifully.

Beth already owned the rug, white console, and glass side table which meant we could have a little extra fun with luxurious details; such as the Acrylic curtain rods and brass rings, and that cute little denim foot stool.

Shopping for new pieces when you first move in or redecorate a home is fun, but you also have to make sure to showcase existing pieces that may have sentimental value. In this case, I wanted to make sure that Beth's family rocking chair kept a central place in her living room.

Beth wanted a space where she could entertain casual parties and have guests move around without feeling overcrowded. The house is small so we kept traditional seating to a minimum, but made the floor space inviting so guests could be seated on floor cushions and window ledges.

Her kitchen was big enough to accommodate a dining area, so we transformed the traditional dining room space into a second living area... more of a TV den. Double the space to entertain and easier for guests to move around in.

The den area is darker and called for a cooler color palette, so we ditched the reds and yellows and created a cream and blue environment... because honestly, too much of a good thing can easily become overwhelming!

I cannot stress enough the importance of plants in any home! Always save enough in your budget to purchase good quality plants and pots. We found all the living plants for the living room by browsing the downtown LA flower market on a Saturday early morning.

When a room is too dark for a living plant to thrive - or you have murderous tendencies when it comes to vegetation - a good quality fake plant or tree will do the trick. The darker TV den really needed a tall tree, and this fiddle leaf fig tree fit perfectly in that little space between two doorways.

The real standout in this room is the patterned navy and cream Dhurrie, and it's surrounded by thick navy blue burlap curtains on one wall, and a navy blue bookshelf on the other. A comfy cream sofa is all you need for hours of TV bingeing.

(The Ikea bookshelves were purchased white and spray painted navy blue)

(we got the curtains from Nate Berkus at Target. They don't seem to be available anymore but I found them on this website instead.)

PS. The throw pillows, that work so perfectly in this space, are of course Ma Chaise Design - shameless plug!

Since Beth likes to watch TV, it was important for her to have a big television, but adding a large media console would have been too heavy for this small room... this Lucite piece is just perfect and the wheels means the TV can be oriented into the main living room as well for a larger crowd.

PS. we used the Acrylic curtain rod (in polished nickel) with clear acrylic rings in this room as well.

Beth's home is still a work in progress, and that's how it should be... you need space to add the pieces that you collect along the way, the keepsakes from memories not yet created. A home should be living and always evolving, right along with you!

So there it is, Bollywood Dan's new home! But of course I could not stop there so I also helped Beth style her dining area and bedroom, stay tuned for the upcoming reveal.

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