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The shiniest urban jungle

When I think of my home town of Los Angeles, I think of the beaches, the Hollywood hills, all the hiking trails and majestic views, and the deeply melancholic architecture of downtown LA.

After so many photo shoots with the chairs in nature, I wanted to give this city of angels a little love with help from my favorite mid century modern chairs.

Frank Gehry's masterful design of the Walt Disney Concert Hall is already an iconic spot, and so photogenic that it was an obvious choice for a cool photo shoot - I love the way the structural lines of the Z chair sit with the shiny curves of the building.

Chris Burden's Urban Light at the LACMA is as much an art installation as a tourist attraction, and though most couples use it as a photo backdrop at night, there is something haunting about these street lights during the day as well... in my case, 7am to be exact!

The city where everyone drives is obviously full of parking lots! I could not do a downtown photo shoot without including a wink to these concrete landscapes.

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