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An Elk lost in Tokyo

There I go again with a whimsical animal print! But I'm hoping these furry friends are what keep you coming back for more, and that I can still surprise you with my fabric finds from around the world.

This majestic Elk comes to us from Tokyo, where the Japanese just have a way of making whimsical patterns look classy.

It's not just the striking antlers; it's also the stitched acid green circles, the use of gold thread and the particular shape of the chair itself. A mix of one thing that looks like a cartoon, and has the bones of something much more serious... as with all of my chairs, I believe it's the combination that makes the whole so appealing.

I also like the fact that this chair doesn't take up too much room, physically and aesthetically, it's small and discreet despite its loud nature. And just like its close cousin "Milo" (my first upholstered chair using fabric from the same Japanese designer), the black details give it just the right amount of masculinity.

So is this the Elk that you never knew your home needed? If you were ever going to take a chance on a bright and whimsical animal print, this is actually a pretty safe bet.

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