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When you want what you want

Getting exactly what you want is often easier than you think. I desperately wanted a sofa table, but could not find exactly what I wanted in both looks and size, so I decided to have one made from scratch, just for me and just RIGHT for me!

The purpose of a sofa table is to use it behind the sofa, but now that I have this beautiful piece of furniture I am thinking "Why hide it behind the sofa, it should actually be front and center..." So maybe it's just an extra long console table!

It's simple enough, with clean lines and a focus on the natural wood grain, but it also had to be extra long and I wanted that little shelf for practical reasons. A combination of details that I just could not find anywhere.

I am not very good with building things (Ikea furniture being the exception), so the first step was finding a carpenter to do the job - luckily I have friends in very good places - and I found a gentleman with an eye for perfection and who takes great pride in his beautiful pieces.

A whole new world has opened up to me, and now I'm just making a list of the other pieces I want built for my home... a matching coffee table might be next.

Oh, and yes it is fully approved by the man of the house!

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