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From inspiration to obsession

My creation workshop is filled with fabrics, design books, boxes of ribbons, measuring tape and my huge stack of decor magazine clippings! You guessed it, I buy a lot of design magazines - Pinterest and design bloggers are an awesome source of inspiration, but there is nothing like turning the pages of a magazine while sipping coffee with a cat sleeping by your side. I don't collect the magazines, they would take up too much room, instead I have a relaxing ritual where I go through my full stack and rip out only the pages that I like.

Inspiration can come from various design elements such as landscaping, architecture, fabrics and textures, color combinations, but of course my focus is always on the chairs.

Left to right: Utrecht armchair upholstered with a bespoke jacquard textile by Bertjan Pot, Bazar armchair upholstered with a bright yellow cotton terrycloth

Recently I found a bit of a pattern in my clippings, and it's become obvious that I have an obsession with the polar bear look! These cozy, furry chair designs all make me want to curl up and take a nap, maybe it's the arrival of winter.

Top left to bottom right: The Clam chair by Philip Arctander, the Tired Man chair by Lassen, a pair of Pelican Chairs by Finn Juhl

Another theme that I'm obsessed with is fringe! I'm desperate to work some fringe into my next chair design. It's luxurious and whimsical at the same time. Even though fringe has a very 1920's vibe, I also think it's very modern right now, it just depends on how you use it and what the color combinations are.

And here is a close up of the Amami sofa because that ombre fringe is everything!!!

For me the best chairs are always a mix of fabric and wood, I love a good wood detail. I often prefer if you can see the feet, or have the arms un-upholstered, and if there is a pillow or a leather detail well then I'm in heaven!

Left to right: Mama wingback chair by BDDW, settee by Guillerme et Chambron covered in goats hair, pair of Guillerme et Chambron armchairs

But my absolute favorite chair look that I found recently was in Marie Claire Maison magazine, I literally gasped when I saw it - scared the sleeping cat!!

This "Punk" bergere chair (by Mat & Jewski) is sooo breathtaking. It's the perfect combination of masculine and feminine - with it's grey flannel upholstery, and that black crest (pheasant and rooster feathers). That chair is like a film noir starring Cary Grant and Rita Hayworth... I am obsessed!

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