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Play a hand with La Parisienne

Yes, it does help to be born in Paris in order to naturally exude that effortless Parisian chic, but there are other ways you can get there... here's a tip: do everything Ines de la Fressange does, and surround yourself with everything Ines branded! For example this incredibly chic box of playing cards.

Ines de la Fressange began her career as an icon of Parisian chic by modeling for Chanel in the late 1970's. By the early 90's Ines had become THE chicest women we all wanted to be, and she opened up her own boutique selling clothing and lots fun trinkets for the home.

These playing cards are so fun and colorful, and the illustrations are perfectly whimsical. I love playing Gin Rummy and these cards always make me smile, even when I'm losing.

These Ines de la Fressange cards are also a beautiful object to just leave hanging around on your coffee table, a very French touch of class for any home.

PS. You should also purchase the fun and cheeky little book "La Parisienne", it will also make your home look super chic to have it lying around.

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