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When a chair strikes a pose

Recently I had a new idea, and that's how all crazy adventures begin right? Anyway, there was an actual idea that popped into my head... I wanted to take my chairs outside of the home environment, to show the beauty of the object and highlight the colors and patterns of the textile, without the distraction of a fully styled/staged living room (even though I work really hard on those styled photos!)

So it starts with an idea and then I use what I've got around me: 1) I live in Los Angeles, California where nature is very giving, and I have multiple gorgeous landscape options, 2) one of my best friends is a gorgeous human being inside and out, but in this specific case it helps that she has years of modeling experience and can do a killer yoga pose, 3) I have a wonderful camera and have figured out how to use an easy photo editing app to make up for my very average skills. Last but not least: 4) I have a jeep with a hitch ball, and have become very good at attaching the U-haul trailer... so basically, ready to take these babies on the road!

I am very proud of what Diane and I created together.

The "Ma Chaise Design" adventure is definitely not one that I want to take alone, I am always looking for collaborations. Working with creative people and bringing out their strengths and passion, that's what I'm aiming for with things like the Pop Up Store or this photo essay.

My friend Diane Hudock is a force of nature! She is a leading Los Angeles based Yoga teacher with a Masters degree in both Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Sciences. She is the creator of the "Alchemy of Mastery" workshop where she teaches self mastery - it's a totally amazing experience by the way! She's also a talented writer, a loving mother, and the funniest person I know, and has stood by me for over 20 years.

I love photography (even though I know my skills are not always the best, working on that... practice makes perfect), and I love any project that revolves around my chairs of course, and I REALLY love a road trip! Diane and I spent a beautiful Sunday morning laughing, being silly on instagram, reminiscing and doing what we love!

These photos come from pure joy and happiness.

I am looking forward to more adventures and collaborations, and many many more chair creations!!

Follow your bliss people, it's totally worth it!

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