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Classic lines and colored dots

Sometimes I don't find exactly what I want on my treasure hunts, it's rare but it happens. I love finding a diamond in the rough, or stumbling across a gem, but I also like what I like!

I really wanted to do a chair that had a very pure mid century modern esthetic, and one of the most iconic is definitely the "Z chair".

For the first time, and probably not the last, I decided to actually have these made from scratch, so not just flipping chairs anymore - and now my head is exploding with all the future possibilities.

Anyway, the original "Z chair" comes to us from the Danish Selig company, and often referenced designer Poul Jensen is somewhat of a mystery - you can dive deep into the internet to read all about that controversy if you are in between mystery novels... and you thought furniture history was boring!

The liberty multicolored dot pattern on the cushions was so necessary to elevate this chair into 2017... all my "Z chair" internet searches found way too much beige and grey (also an exciting selection of navy blue, moss green and brown), absolutely not ok in my book.

Doesn't this feel so much more modern and fresh, and accessible? Because I do it for you!!

OK, so now for the fun naming story: I always name my chairs because they are so distinct (at least I hope so) - besides, I give them personalities, so why not names. Anyway, the structure and fabric instantly reminded me of a French children's cartoon I used to watch called "Chapi Chapo". Take a look at this clip and tell me you don't see it!!

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