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Memories of foxes

My first adventure in "chair flipping" was these two little club chairs that still live happily in my living room.

I had such a rush when I found the vintage fox fabric that I just knew I needed to do this over, and over and over again... I can blame it all on the fox! (Actually, I have since developed quite a fascination for the furry creature, and I keep adding fox details to my home - you can see them pop up in almost every photo, so have fun with that.)

These chairs were my very first purchase during my first treasure hunt in Arizona - a life changing discovery, and an absolute gold mine that I return to on a regular basis.

It took me several years to re-upholster them and realize that they could be a canvas. Once I did these chairs I was hooked, I wanted to re-upholster everything I owned! The Ma Chaise Design blog and shop were born simply because I didn't have the space, or the cash, to keep filling my home with new creations.

The fox fabric was such a find, in a discount bin at Michael Levine, and that cute vintage print represents everything I love. Since designing these chairs about three years ago, I found the fox fabric online so I feel safe knowing that I can one day use it again, and I absolutely will!

In the meantime, I wanted to keep this memory safe (and let's face it I needed an excuse for these foxes to show up in my studio), so I framed a swatch that I had left from the chairs and it now lives in the creation workshop.

The moral of the story is; if you find a cute fabric pattern that you love, you can frame it as art!

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