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Glitter is the new black

A chair can't just be pretty, it also has to be comfortable, that is a must both for you and your guests. The best way to achieve comfort is with a large pillow, so I made a few extra pretty pillows to help with that!

Decorative pillows are like jewelry enhancing your outfit, so I've chosen some of my favorite colors and patterns but added some glitter suede to make sure that each one of them is soft and sparkly at the same time!

Yes people, there is such a thing as GLITTER SUEDE and it is absolutely magical. I made this discovery in a Paris leather goods shop where they have every color of the rainbow and so many happy shades of blues and oranges I had to bring as many of them home as possible.

The premium suede comes from Spain where they have perfected a glitter finish that does not rub off!! (Because no one wants to leave the party with glitter all over your clothes or hands.)

For this first collection, I picked all my favorite strong colors and matched them with an equally strong fabric.

There is nothing neutral about these pillows, they are a statement, but they scream confidence and style. Honestly, if you are going to add a decorative pillow to your sofa, why not make it stand out!

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