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The touch and feel of a Jocasta

This is what I love about a simple design, it is strong and confident and it doesn't rely on layers of accessories to show off it's beauty... it just is, you see it or you don't!

(I wish putting myself together every morning was that easy.)

Our modern world moves so fast, and everything feels so big and loud, I'm always searching for that calm vibe, the chair that offers a little moment of peace and quiet. Tranquility is the word I'm really searching for!

Don't get me wrong, I love a bold pattern and a bright color combination, but sometimes you need to bring the volume down and take a breath of fresh air - perhaps even sit down and read a book!

I found this perfect little Jocasta game chair in the corner of an antique mall in Arizona, and its impeccable architecture was immediately apparent.

Honestly, the angle of its back legs is pure poetry! If this chair was a dance, it would be a Russian ballet.

When I started to look at interior design seriously, I quickly realized I had an affinity for Mid-Century design; some think these simple designs look uncomfortable, but "au contraire" give it a try and you will find these chairs are actually built to be incredibly comfortable, because simplicity and comfort CAN co-exist.

The genius of the Jocasta Game chair design is the combination of a few simple strokes:

1. Four sturdy spindle legs

2. The back slant of the seat

3. The combined top rail and armrest

4. And the gorgeous circular caned back

The design is reminiscent of Hans Wagner and George Nakashima, and of course I wanted to pay homage to that same Mid-century aesthetic by adding a fabric that was the perfect match and a little wink to other "pure line" chairs of that era.

Truth be told, this was an easy chair to re-design, it's just beautiful as it is! But lots of love went into restoring the wood, it has been sanded and polished to such soft perfection that it feels like your favorite old T-shirt... It's not just a visual experience it's a tactile one as well. You are welcome!

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