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The subtleties of Monsieur et Madame

I love these chairs so much, that I almost have nothing to say about them... I am speechless, and they kind of speak for themselves anyway!

I just want to play some French jazz (Michel Jonasz from the 1980's would be perfect), make myself a warm latte, and sit across from these chairs admiring them for the next few hours - but maybe that's just me, and I've just given you a glimpse into my own design obsessive mind.

First there is a pretty blue and white floral pattern that my elegant French grandmother would love. This slightly feminine "Madame" is the perfect size for a reading corner. It sits comfortably, but keeps a straight (slightly more formal) back.

Always trying to keep things interesting, I added a bit of a different fabric on the back and outer sides, but it all blends beautifully with the soft warm tones of the wood frame - sanded down to give it a rustic look, but incredibly soft to the touch.

"Monsieur" has a little bit of a masculine vibe, and I like to think that my French step grandfather would love it too. The beige tones feel like a whiskey and cigar, the yellow pages of an old book, a frayed pair of slippers, and the smell of musk.

This chair also has the different fabric on the back and sides, but it's super subtle - same colors but smaller pattern - not sure most men would pick up on it, but the women in their lives probably would!

These chairs have another very, very subtle detail, a little wink... have you spotted the buttons yet?

Focus on the upper left corner and you will find the four little buttons in diamond formation, hidden within the pattern.

It's my elegant French design version of "Where's Waldo?"

So even though I prefer to sit across from these chairs and just admire them, I hope they have a long life growing old and comfortably warn, used daily by their new owners.

Many years after their divorce, my grandmother and step grandfather ended up living as friendly neighbors, forever a part of each others lives (and mine). So whether these chairs stay together or end up living apart, I will always think of them as a pair... as Monsieur et Madame.

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