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I never met a stripe I didn't like

I love a good stripe, the bolder the better, and such an easy way to add color into any room.

Of course my absolute favorite stripe lives in the south of France - my favorite Aunt would disown me for saying anything different - but it also looks great in this sunny Los Angeles living room!

It doesn't hurt that this mid-century chair is also insanely comfortable; it's the perfect combination of depth, width and height.

You know when you attend one of those buffet brunch events where you are forced to balance a plate on your lap, try to keep your glass on the floor at arms length, all the while looking effortless and elegant? Well, this is the chair everyone will be eyeing and fighting to sit on, because it's perfect for that... and so many other potentially awkward seating occasions.

But it's still mostly all about that stripe! And because I'm a non-conformist, and the front looks so clean and linear, I opted to add a little side peekaboo slightly off kilter, just to keep you interested and curious... did it work?

By now you must know that I never neglect the back, so this candy colored stripe drapes down the back of the chair as well, framed so beautifully by the dark stained wood and a single strand of piping.

Now you may be thinking of taking this chair home, or perhaps I lost you at the very mention of Sunday brunch so that pancakes dripped in syrup, fresh strawberries, and bagels slathered in cream cheese are the only thing you can actually think of.

So here is one last photo to bring you back to the main story, and leave you with the sweet after taste of this gorgeous candy stripe!

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