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La vie en rose for Miss Charlie

Lots of flowers and shades of pink, a touch of rose gold, sweet little ribbons, and oh so comfortable, this little swivel chair is the very definition of girly and dainty, and perfect for any 8 to 80 year old lady!

Inspired by my French goddaughter who loves the color pink, wearing ribbons in her hair and twirly skirts every day. A very French little girl who lightens up the streets of her Parisian neighborhood with a warm smile and endless giggling.

Miss Charlie is perfect as a desk chair; for kids to draw, teenagers to do homework and grown women to check emails and catch up on their favorite blogs (wink wink)! It also fits perfectly at a make-up table, or even in a dressing room if you need a cozy spot to strap on your high heels.

Details, details, details... this chair is all about the little details. From the piping, the contrasting buttons, and the swirls, all the girly details are there.

Miss Charlie sure is pretty and she also has a strong frame, a reminder that strong women are allowed to be as feminine as they want. So go for it, wear kitten heels, dainty dresses and ribbons in your hair if you want, and picture yourself skipping through the cobblestone streets of Paris singing "La Vie en Rose"!

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