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Warm spices and a touch of gold

Some fabrics are all about texture, others are all color, and then you have the one of a kind Indian Kantha quilt. Stitched together by women in Eastern India, using layers and layers of vintage cloths to create a perfect patchwork that will feel like your favorite worn out sweatshirt. The perfect fabric choice for a very special love seat.

All the happy colors, like distant spices, are both bright and muted at the same time, contrasting and yet totally blending together magically, a structured love seat with a boho vibe...

Bollywood Dan is so inviting, with the softest textures and a comfy down seat pillow, you'll want to lounge here all day.

Although born just a week ago it will age so beautifully, like a handsome English gentleman; The years will only round its edges, and all the unavoidable tears and worn patches will add to its character and charm.

A combination of 5 separate vintage Kantha quilts straight from India, and some gold piping for a little bit of glamour. Each individual quilt already offers a unique patchwork, but somehow they all seem to work beautifully together.

Picking just five Kanthas, placing and rearranging the combination of colors and patterns time and time again, was the most fun part of the creation process. And just when you think you've got it, a newly obvious option pops up. It's like a puzzle with multiple right answers.

This love seat lived in my workshop for weeks while I searched for the perfect fit, and I would be lying if I said I was not going to miss it just a little bit.

My favorite thing to do is collect unique fabrics during my travels, but when there is a spot I cannot get to, I rely on the kindness of my well travelled friends. This love seat is the true embodiment of collaboration and generosity, and it makes me smile to think of all the support I have received throughout the process of creating all these pieces.

Though I work hard to keep my dog and cats off the Ma Chaise creations, my fabric collection, and the general work space, every now and then a piece is totally irresistible! So this is Lily, loving the love seat.

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