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A chair is never just a chair

"Two are better than one", "twice as nice", "make that a double", "double the fun", etc... yes to all of that, but I'm also partial to fraternal twins: you get two of the same, but with distinctively different features.

Since my chairs are partially recycled and good for the earth, this pair are an ode to mother nature: "Misha Green" represents the earth, and "Misha Blue" represents water.

These gorgeous Colonial teak Plantation chairs have such strong bones and the beauty of their original design cannot be denied, but they were both in such a sad state: the wood was dry and bleached from the sun, the front pleather (not even real leather) was torn and generally horrible and the previous owner thought it was a good idea to cover the back with a sheet of cardboard... not ok!

I have a few friends that really get me, and share my love for the hunt! One day I get an emergency call from one such friend asking me to come see a pair of chairs she just drove by on the side of the road... and there they were, these diamonds in the rough, calling out for me to come and save them from the dumpster! Because my friend knows me so well and we are both a little crazy, we literally threw the chairs in the back of her SUV and made a run for it! And boy was it worth it!

(Please note, I do not make a habit of strolling the streets of LA looking to salvage other peoples garbage. But when you see a golden opportunity you have to jump on it - one persons trash is always another person's treasure!)

Now, because a chair is never just a chair, I of course gave them personalities to go with each name:

Misha Green is a French intellectual who reads books from La Pleiade, while Misha Blue is a little more laid-back and prefers to sit on the porch sipping an old fashioned cocktail.

As for the very important details of each chair: the Teak wood was lovingly restored and stained an elegant coffee for both chairs, but that's where the similarities end.

Misha Green has a luxurious Christian Lacroix velvet fabric on the front and a moss green thick linen on the back, and both sides are trimmed in antique finish brass nails.

Misha Blue is dressed in a Rebecca Atwood Belgian linen on the front, and a thick blue woven on the back, the grey double piping cord is from the famous high-end trimmings store Houles Paris.

OMG I almost forgot the best part! Both chairs have the traditional arm extenders, so you can literally kick up your feet and relax... with either a French book or a cocktail, or you could even go crazy and have both!

These two chairs are so special and beautiful, and I had so much fun dreaming them up - I can hardly believe they are all grown up and ready to leave the nest!

After having been abandoned, discarded, and literally thrown away, it's time for them to find a loving "forever" home!

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