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Not just beach views at this hotel

I was warned before I even landed in Miami, “Wait till you see the chairs on the third floor!” because now everybody knows it, I am the girl with the chair obsession! And yes, walking into a room like this makes me burst with joy.

So thank you for the heads up and here it is, the third floor of the Faena hotel Miami Beach.

The third floor was indeed glorious, but honestly every space at the Faena hotel Miami beach is bright, bold and exciting. The theatre inspired red velvet curtains frame the bright turquoise ocean view of Miami beach and that dramatic color scheme is repeated throughout the hotel.

But lets go back to the third floor, that magical space that did indeed knock my socks off: the spa level with its bright and colorful waiting area.

The chairs, the rug, but also that chandelier!

And those chairs, the piece in every room that always catches my eye first. Here they are in beautifully embroidered fabric, soft velvet, and topped with lots of fun little pillows and throws.

If I am honest, I think I am also developing a very healthy fascination with bookshelves! But look at these, how could I not? Custom made end table bookshelves, I think I dreamt that once.

Because those end tables happen to be located inside the 14th floor Penthouse, and it does come with a very hefty price tag, there is also this beautifully curated built-in shelf in the seating area right off the lobby, so you don't even have to leave the ground floor.

I am so lucky that I get to travel the world and visit all these exquisite hotels, escape into these perfectly curated spaces, and take back with me all of theirs colors and textures.

I think it might be the only thing that stops me from knocking on strangers doors and asking to visit their homes... so I am lucky, but if my neighbors knew, they would be so very thankful too!

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