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You can always change your spots

Confession time, there is a part of me that loves Ikea, as long as it doesn't actually look like Ikea. Sometimes you don't have to go full vintage to find good bone structure, and these Swedish classic lines are so easy to completely transform with just a little color, fabric, and padding. 

I have already spoken of my very real obsession with the Vittsjo bookshelf, so imagine my total glee when I discovered the full range of the Vittsjo line... including a perfect little nesting coffee table.

At first it was black with a glass top and felt very strict, but then it was reborn as a bright pink and grey cocktail ottoman!

I little bit of spray paint, a bright whimsical pattern, a classic contrasting stripe, of course lots of staples and elbow grease... and voila!

Clearly I am not afraid to go bold, but that's just me. As a DIY piece, you can select any color and fabric to fit your own decor and mood, that's the beauty of personalized design.

I desperately want to do an ikat and denim version, play with contrasting leathers, and maybe experiment with some more classic paisley too... I warned you this was an obsession didn't I!

I love a coffee table with a bottom shelf for storing magazines and books, that way they don't take up precious real estate on the top. And the ottoman makes it so comfortable and inviting.

The extra bonus of a nesting table allowed me to cover the smaller square top with fabric but no foam, keeping the sturdy surface intact for cups and plates. Beautiful and practical... she won't be single for long!

Now it's time to kick my feet up and take a much, much closer look at that big Ikea catalog, lets see what other hidden treasures I can uncover.

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