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You don't even have to book a room

As I get ready to pack my bags and hit the road again - ok lets be honest, I won't physically pack until the night before, but the planning phase has begun - I find myself thinking of all the gorgeous hotels that I have been lucky enough to call my "home away from home". One of my absolute favorites is Le Bristol Hotel Paris.

Yes it's in Paris and it hits all the right notes of French traditional elegance, so of course I love it! But it is far from stuffy, in fact it feels quite homey... once you get past the giant red carpet entrance.

The lobby level "Cafe Antonia" is my favorite place for a light meal, meetings, catching up on emails, or that last coffee of the day. Filled with Medallion chairs in soft reds and blues, an occasional little cream loveseat and just the right amount of pillows. It's all very proper (no slouching here), but still comfortable, understated, and giving off lots of happy vibes.

The dinnerware is from Raynaud, and total perfection. It never fails to put a smile on my face every time a plate or cup is set in front of me... imagine starting your day with a flakey croissant and warm cafe au lait, the quintessential Parisian breakfast set on perfectly white linen, doesn't this all just feel so right!

The nighttime brings with it a more masculine elegance. Le bar du Bristol is filled with leather seating and rich tones, and it doesn't hurt that they make a great Vodka Gimlet too. Conversations here have that warm glow, where every story sounds like an adventure, and no ones laughter is annoying.

And though the morning after may bring you back to reality, this bar reminds you that an evening spent in good company is still a magical experience.

Now obviously I am always going to be most obsessed with the chairs, anywhere and everywhere I go, this obsession never leaves me. Le Bristol has a lot of little seating areas, and they are all just marvelous, totally dreamy, and all around super inspirational! I don't have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to tell you how much I love all these chairs, so I hope these photos do them justice.

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