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An unexpected mustache

Unveiling a new chair is an exciting moment; I am so proud and I love it so much, I want everyone to discover it and appreciate it as much as I do, and I hope my chair doesn't get judged or dismissed... so basically I am a bit needy. I'm not bearing my soul or anything that dramatic, but it is a piece of me thats going out into the world.

With that in mind, please be kind. Introducing the Milo!

Milo started out as a cute little brown desk chair, plain and simple, and I loved it instantly. I loved it for it's beautiful lines and it's crazy potential. Then I found the horse hair stuffing, and it's perfect original springs, and there was no looking back.

But my favorite part is always marrying the right chair to the perfect fabric. It's always an interesting journey, figuring out what story you want to tell, and what new life this chair could have.

In this specific case, I'm not sure I could easily describe what I was thinking when I decided Milo would be a black lacquer library chair, covered in gold triangles and a very serious looking antelope with a funny mustache! Let's just say it was a process, and one that begun on a recent trip to Tokyo.

Japan really is the gift that keeps on giving, and I have no idea how I will ever top this uniquely whimsical fabric.

So now Milo is ready to be adopted, are you ready for a little unexpected mustache?

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