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Don't trim on Trimmings

The way some people feel about shoes, food or jewelry, is basically how I feel about trimmings. Give me some fancy ribbons, rows of tassels, cute pompoms and I'm like a kid in a candy store.

There are lots of very fancy, old school and classic trimmings that are beautiful - like diamond chandelier earrings to some - but on the more fun end of the spectrum (think gummy bears) is this tiny little shop in Tokyo's Nippori textiles district.

Etsuko Trimming carries all kinds of embroidered ribbons, mostly inspired by India, Eastern Europe and Latin America... and I love them all!

The first time I stumbled into this little store (and I really can't begin to describe just how small this store is, even by Tokyo standards, it's minuscule) I was expecting something more Japanese traditional. But then this is so perfectly Tokyo, an unexpected colorful surprise at every corner.

I love adding a little bit of trimming to a chair, stool, and especially a pillow... who am I kidding, subtlety is not my forte, I love adding A LOT of it, I'm dying to make a pillow with just trimmings... coming soon!

The options are so endless, even a bit overwhelming... so I brought all of it home with me. Samples of almost everything eye catching in the store, stuffed into my suitcase, and now waiting to be matched with the perfect fabric.

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