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When fabrics take-over

It didn't even take me that long, and now this passion for fabrics is a full blown obsession! It has completely taken over my home... and I'm not even talking about the furniture. There are piles upon piles of multi colored fabrics lying around my "inspiration workshop" - formerly my living room, but who needs one of those - and I'm fully aware that these piles are perplexing to everyone who enters. But then, I explain, and my eyes light up! I talk about all the beautiful chairs and benches I have planned for these fabrics... and it all makes sense, At least let's hope it does.

I can always find inspiration anywhere, and I have been known to purchase my fabrics everywhere I go.

Of course I love contrasts and clashing worlds, so I can browse the perfectly curated rooms of the Kravet Paris showroom just as easily as the busy shops of the Nippori textile district in Tokyo.

I love mixing and matching color schemes, I live for patterns and beautiful flowers and abstract lines. But most of all, that moment that makes me jump around with true glee, I love finding that perfect animal print.

A giraffe silhouette, a smiling fox (of course), barely discernible fish floating around a sea of color, or a handsome stag, I can make it all work!

I love my fabrics so much that sometimes it can be difficult to let them go. They live so comfortably on my storage shelves, and I get to look at them everyday and remain inspired.

But, the point is to use them and give them a purposeful life... to match the right fabric with the perfect surface, and create a unique piece that can live in someone else's home.

Project update: I have a sweet flower pattern that is getting ready to become a little foot stool, and a bold geometric pattern that I'm prepping for my next chair. Stay tuned!

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