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The bookshelf that keeps on giving

I found it, the best AFFORDABLE bookshelf! The VITTSJO

Yes, it's an Ikea product, but it just looks so darn good that I'm ok with that, I've put one (or two) of these bookshelves in almost every room of my home - and even convinced a few friends to adopt it too.

I spray painted one red, and another one gold, but I am most favorable to the glossy white finish that it comes sold as. I just love the simple lines, glass shelves, thin structure and classy design.

It goes absolutely anywhere and everywhere... I wish I could fit one in my bathroom! And bonus for me, this bookshelf is super light and easy to move around!

Recently I came across a clever "ikea hack" for the coffee table version and I'm just starting to experiment with it - I might spray paint it silver or grey, and of course I'll be adding fabric on it! Stay tuned...

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