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I'm seeing foxes

Every new adventure has a beginning, and for me "this" all started with some cheeky foxes!

After reupholstering these two little vintage chairs with the most whimsical foxy pattern, and a sombre yet very chic matching stripe, I instantly wished that I had at least 20 yards of that fox fabric left over to put on everything else in my entire house.

But then I found a new vintage chair and some more unique fabric, and this love for "flipping chairs" began.

I take great pride in how I resurrected these chairs from pleather snooze-ville, and they still make me smile 5 years later.

I urge everyone to find their own foxes!

And yes, I like to take a theme and run with it, so naturally I put fox pillows on the fox chairs... makes sense to me!

And for all you "animal" print lovers out there, the retro modern fox print is available via Loom Textiles.


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