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This chair previously lived a peaceful life on a sprawling lawn, probably the favorite chair of the family patriarch. Its teak wood structure was lovingly restored in Los Angeles and I dressed it in a rich Christian Lacroix velvet fabric, its lush greenery reminding her of her family past. A one of a kind lounge chair, it is an invitation to literally "put up your feet".


Colonial Upholstered Teak Plantation Chair

Vintage chair with original arm extenders.

Upholstered with Christian Lacroix, soft printed velvet "Jardin Exo'Chic" in green. Fabric on the back is a moss colored linen. Details include antique finished brass nails.

Seat height is 22".


$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,125.00Sale Price
  • 34.5"W x 43.0"D x 43.0"H

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