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After a long career on a sailing ship around the world, Misha Blue arrived in Los Angeles where its teak wood structure was lovingly restored. As a nod to her glorious past, I dressed it in a wavy blue Rebecca Atwood linen fabric. And it's now ready to sail to a new home. A one of a kind lounge chair, it is an invitation to literally "put up your feet".


Colonial Upholstered Teak Plantation Chair

Vintage Colonial Plantation chair with original arm extenders.

Upholstered with Rebecca Atwood Marble Stripe in Navy, 100% Belgian Linen. Back fabric is cotton woven in denim. Details include grey double piping cord from French company Houles.

Seat height is 21".

Misha Blue

$1,500.00 Regular Price
$900.00Sale Price
  • 34.5"W x 43.0"D x 40.0"H

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