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Folding stools built on a cross-frame and covered in animal skins were originally found in ancient Egypt and were a symbol of status and importance. This walnut reproduction, handmade in Los Angeles, uses five coats of varnish to make it extra durable and soft to the touch. The slight curve in the wood frame makes it very comfortable to sit on, and its light weight so you can just fold it and it becomes a perfect travel companion. Just add a tray and you have a side table, also perfect as a sophisitcated luggage rack, and the perfect height to use as a relaxing foot stool. Each piece is unique thanks to its modern, exotic, often whimsical fabrics. Should you one day tire of its look, the fabric can easily be replaced.


Reproduction of Egyptian folding stool

Dark walnut

Reupholstered with a yellow glitter suede - glitter finish has been tested and guaranteed not to rup off!!

Egyptian stool, yellow glitter suede

  • 15" Height

    19" Width

    13 1/2" Depth

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